Sunday, November 26, 2017

April 2016

This was an especially warm April. Here's some fun days in the sun...

The Daffodil Parade. So fun and warm!

Girls first Mariners game....

We went to surprise the Taits in Boise for spring break...

Friday, November 17, 2017

March 2016

Wren's 1st birthday...

Beautiful spring we took a walk to the park!

One year check up.

 I told Blayke to hurry and get dressed to walk P to school and this is what she came out in (:

Date night with P.

 St. Pattys day.

 First lemon.

Easter Fun...

Cute belly

 Unicorn hats from grandma.

 Scary story: We were at Ikea when all of a sudden Wren started acting really sick. She threw up in my hands and started getting warm. We sat down to eat really quick before we left and that's when tarted looking really bad. I held her to see what was going on when I noticed her face was turning blue and then her eyes started rolling back. She was having a seizure! I was so scared. I told Becky we had to leave right then. We dropped everything, grabbed the kids and ran to her car. We were really close to University of Washington Emergency Hospital which was lucky! I ran her in and Becky stayed with the kids. Darla met me there and held Wren so I could go to the bathroom. Thats when i started crying. I was in go-mode and didn't realize how shook up I really was. After a few tests they figured it was a fever seizure. We stayed for awhile and Weston met us there and Darla left to get the kids from Becky. That was the scariest moment of my life!!!

Zoo trip with Friends.